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The Ultimate Guide to Scrapbooking

You’ve probably heard a lot about scrapbooking in recent times, and with the recent trends of arts and crafts at home, more people are looking to create their own unique items which cherish the things they love most.

Women Holding Homemade Scrapbook

But what is a scrapbook? The finished product of this popular craft project is a beautifully decorated book that contains memories and thoughts for you to keep or gift to a loved one. Although it might sound simple, there’s a delicate art and a lot of love that goes into creating a scrapbook.

What is Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking began as a sort of decorated photo album where people could store their precious memories somewhere a little more unique than a standard album. They’ve progressed to the form we know today to include handwritten notes, personal memorabilia, old greeting cards, tickets, and other printed media.

All of these items are arranged and decorated in the pages of a book, suited to particular themes, people or times in life. By using real and treasured items along with photographs, these books are designed to be a special place where you can store memories.

Homemade Memories Scrapbook

Some might like to create scrapbooks for themselves which can someday be passed down to their children and grandchildren while others might make a scrapbook as a gift. Whatever you choose to do with yours, it promises to be one of the most sentimental items you have in your home.

How to Start Scrapbooking

Anyone can start a scrapbook, but to make a truly great one you’ll need to do some careful planning first. If you’re just beginning your scrapbooking journey try to select a theme that will be easy to collect memorabilia for.

Scrapbooks can be helpful in telling a story, so if there’s a major event you want to document this is a great way to do it. If you want a more general theme to your scrapbook, focus on one topic such as family.

Decide how many pages you’d like, what each page will focus on, as well as any color or design themes you have in mind. Select your choice of photos or other items for each page and how you’d like to display these. The more you plan in the initial stages, the easier it will be when it comes time to create your scrapbook.

Planing Your Own Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a great activity that anyone can do, young or old. It provides a relaxing outlet for creativity and is an amazing way to reflect on memories that you might have otherwise forgotten about.

Once you become better at making them, you might like to create a scrapbook as a gift. Something as personal as this would make an amazing present and it’s one that shows great time and effort was spent.

How to Make a Scrapbook

Once you have a central theme in mind, you can then start collecting the supplies. While most of your materials will come from personal items that you already own, such as ticket stubs, photographs, or personal notes, you’ll need the basic tools to place them all together.

Tools for Making Scrapbook

  • Gel pens – For the writing portion of your scrapbook, to recount stories or present important information. Gel pens are also ideal for drawing patterns or images around the borders of your book.
  • Scrapbook paper – This is a patterned paper that serves as a backdrop for each page.
  • Album – The place which will hold all of your pages and memories together.
  • Adhesive – You may need a few different types of glue suited to paper, photographs, fabric and more.
  • Scissors – Important for cutting out images and cards for your book.
  • Craft items – Other decorative pieces including card, lace, and stickers.

If you’re not interested in purchasing everything separately, there is the option to buy a scrapbook kit which has most of the essentials included.

Try to focus on one page at a time and follow your plan as closely as possible. For each page, don’t overdo the photos and instead make just one or two central images.

You can decorate these accordingly or write notes for the journal portion of your scrapbook. Writing can be just as beautiful as images, so don’t forget to include some carefully written words that have been scribed with a beautiful gel pen.

Permanent Colorfest Gel Pen

Depending on your theme, there will be different items you might like to include. A baby book might features things like an ultrasound photo, hospital tag, or the first photo ever taken. Memories of holidays will have your airplane ticket, a map of the world, and some photos of your experiences. Each of these can be arranged accordingly and with a central color or design theme for each page.

Benefits of Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking has so many advantages for both the creator and recipient. Here are just some of the ways that you can benefit from creating scrapbooks or gifting them to others.

Amazing Personalized Gifts

Making a scrapbook as a gift is one of the most thoughtful presents we can ever give. Not only are you giving the recipient a way to treasure their own memories, but you’re showing just how much you care by investing your time and thoughts into such a personal item.

Sport Scrapbook

Unique Way to Store Memories

Rather than letting your old photos and letters gather dust in an album or photo box, why not present them in a manner which they deserve? By storing your memories in a scrapbook you’re ensuring that you don’t lose the story behind them by sharing it with others.

Fun Craft Activity

Just like any craft project, scrapbooking is a fun way to pass the time. It’s as simple as cutting and gluing, so your kids can join in too. Spending your time on arts and crafts is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and can help to enhance your creativity too.

Scrapbook Ideas and Themes

If you’re unsure of what your first project should center on, check out these scrapbooking ideas for inspiration. Some of these ideas tell a story and others focus on a central theme, so it’s up to you which one you create.

Baby Book

A baby scrapbook has the potential to store so many wonderful items and memories, depending on what you’ve collected along the way. Hospital tags, locks of hair, ultrasound photos, and even pregnancy test results can all be placed in a baby book. These make great gifts for the parents of a baby or for your own special memories.

Homemade Baby Scrapbook


Family Tree

Documenting your family tree in the form of a scrapbook is a great way to share your heritage with others. Photos, certificates, maps, and other items can all be placed in this type of scrapbook which can be shared with other family members as well.


You might like to focus on a particular vacation you’ve taken or use the scrapbook to highlight the best holidays of your life. Insert ticket stubs from planes and trains, souvenirs and postcards, and happy snaps of your time away.


A graduation scrapbook is a great gift for someone else to highlight their amazing achievement. You can start with memories from their first day of school and work up to their graduation, including report cards and school photos.

Handmade Graduate Scrapbook

Weddings and Anniversaries

A wedding scrapbook is a fun way to gather all of the memories from your special day. If you have an anniversary approaching you might like to give this to your partner, or create a wedding scrapbook for another important couple in your life. Menus from the reception, professional photos, and copies of your certificates are all great items that can be presented here.


A gratitude-themed scrapbook can act as a story of your life, rather than focusing on a single event. By creating a page in your book for each thing you’re grateful for, this can serve as a constant reminder of all the good things you have.


For a scrapbook with a twist, why not create one that holds your life goals. This might not feature personal photographs from your past, but it can have images of the things you want to achieve. A scrapbook such as this is a great motivator to help keep you on track and motivated.

Homemade Future Goals Scrapbook

The Verdict

Scrapbooking will continue to grow in popularity as we search for ways to keep our memories and thoughts close to us. What better way to reminisce or honor special moments in our life than by presenting them in a scrapbook to share with our loved ones.

Even the most amateur hobbyist or artist can create a scrapbook, all it takes is some time and planning, and some simple materials. Put your family photos to good use and get them out of storage by presenting them beautifully in a special book.

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