Who Are Colorfest?

Hello - I am Elinor Friedman Owner of Colorfest. Welcome to our website.

In 2014, when we were both in our sixties, my husband and I moved from my native UK to magical Sedona, Arizona. I had never before lived further than 10 miles from my birthplace of Wimbledon. We just love it here and are so thankful every day. Sun, space, smiles and sandwiches so big you can hardly get your jaws around them. And then there are the beautiful red rocks all around us.

I was in Real Estate in the UK but always wanted to start my own business. So here in Sedona it has been amazing to have been inspired to launch Colorfest. I love creative crafts and coloring and so our very first product was our popular set of gel pens. It is such a joy every time I hear from a customer telling me how delighted they are with a product that we created from scratch. I will never get tired of nurturing happy customers.

We are now developing several more fun coloring products. It is incredibly exciting that some of these are going to be unique to the market. Look out for these launching in 2016.

I hope that you will enjoy our site and If you have any questions or things you would like to see here please message me and let me know. I will always be pleased to hear from you.


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